Team HeatSpring

Founder Profiles

Duncan Miller

Duncan Miller

Works with our instructors, students, and partners to continuously improve our ability to deliver high quality education. He is the lead Ruby web-developer for HeatSpring's education platform. He heads day-to-day operations at the company in Portland Oregon. Duncan studied finance and computer science at UMass Amherst as well as entrepreneurship at Babson College (MBA). He loves planting and caring for trees and he volunteers with Friends of Trees as well as Mt. Tabor.

Brian Hayden

Brian Hayden

Works with companies and subject matter experts to help create new courses and new opportunities for education. Brian loves helping entrepreneurs and companies be more successful and teaches at the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE). He lives with his family in Ann Arbor Michigan and has co-founded several companies including HeatSpring, ShapeLog, and Redesigning the End.

Our Experts

Experts willing to share their knowledge are the true core of HeatSpring. Both our platform and business model are built around these experts. In many cases they have devoted their working lives to crafting and honing their expertise. We love being able to help them transfer that knowledge out to anyone who might be interested to learn. We are also happy to find that there are many eager learners seeking this high quality technical knowledge and willing to embark on the journey of developing their own expertise.

Our Story

Duncan Miller and Brian Hayden founded HeatSpring in January 2007 in a MBA class at Babson College. The Babson admissions application asked us to identify a business opportunity most likely to grow over the next 20 years.

At Babson, Duncan and Brian began developing a business plan and recruited other teammates in 2006 to use their idea for group projects in various courses. The first business plan was for a geothermal installation and design business, a particularly hot market at the time in 2006. A key instructor and advisor Bob Caspe encouraged the team to have awareness of the big picture of the whole opportunity ahead and to rethink the model. With Bob's help and the help of their fellow classmates, Brian and Duncan created an analytical approach to evaluate different business models which the team could realistically implement to help those installers and small businesses succeed, rather than compete with them.

Brian and Duncan formed HeatSpring soon after and Brian found and recruited HeatSpring's first expert Dr. Charles Remund who developed and taught a course for geothermal drillers and installers in a classroom the young company rented from Babson. Dr. Remund still teaches several courses with HeatSpring and the upgrade from a physical classroom to a digital one has enabled him and many other experts like him to share their valuable information with tens of thousands of building professionals all over the world.

Why HeatSpring

If there is one thing I have learned, its that starting and running a business involves way more hard work for way lower pay than I ever imagined. Why do this to myself? One reason: Impact. I love that I get to work with industries and people aligned with my personal philosophies. I believe I can provide the greatest impact by helping people in those industries be more successful. I think my life and my work can have the greatest impact on the future of the world if I can help those people who are working to make the world better. Specifically by creating innovative ways to help you. Yes if you are reading this page, then I am most likely trying to help you. I help professionals with years of experience learn something new. I help newcomers take their first step in a big new industry. I help experts unpack their vast knowledge and break it down in a way that it can be shared with others. I help people unlock their value to the world so we don't waste time re-solving all the same problems. I take honor in helping you and I run this business with utmost integrity, honesty and respect for you and all of our stakeholders including future generations. - Duncan Miller